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How To Write A Standard 5-paragraph Paper In 2021


The paper writing is an inevitable part of academic life and students get to write many different paper types throughout academic life. paper writing helps the students to enhance their writing skills and become a good paper writer.

5-paragraph is a commonly used paper format and nearly all papers are written using this format. This is not an paper type and in fact, just a format that writers follow to write different papers. In this format, there is an involvement of five paragraphs that altogether make the entire paper. 

It is a very basic and easy format to follow for paper writing and is commonly followed by students and naive writers when they are in the learning phase of paper writing. It a convenient method that is helpful even for the experts. No matter if you are writing a rhetorical write my essay, descriptive paper, or any other paper, you can use this format. 

The five paragraphs involved in this format are as follows:


  1. The introductory paragraph
  2. Body paragraph 1
  3. Body paragraph 2 
  4. Body paragraph 3
  5. The conclusion

In this article, you will get to know a bit about all the above-mentioned five paragraphs of this format. Hence, if you are a beginner then this article would be of great help to you.




  • The introductory paragraph


This is the first paragraph of the paper and yet the most important one. In this paragraph, the writer provides the reader with some background information related to the topic. Background information is followed by the purpose and theme of the paper. 

This is an important paragraph of the paper because it contains the thesis statement. The thesis statement is a sentence or two that explains the entire theme of the paper. You must know that this statement is the most important part of an paper and must be written carefully. It should be strong enough to support the claim that you are making in the paper. 

To ensure that your thesis statement is properly mentioned, you may seek professional help. Hit them up with your “essay writing service” query and they will take care of the rest.  

End this paragraph in such a way that it creates a connection with the next part of the paper. 



  • Body paragraphs(1, 2, 3, ….)


This is the second part of the paper and most of the paper body comprises of it. There are usually three body paragraphs in an paper. Each paragraph is written to explain each of the key elements of the paper. 

A body paragraph starts with a topic sentence and this sentence serves as a short introduction for the particular paragraph. In this part of the paper, the writer provides all the evidence and facts to support the argument or the claim. 

 All the body paragraphs should end with a transition sentence so that there is a connection between all the paragraphs. 

All three paragraphs are written in the same way and you have to ensure that each paragraph discusses a particular element of the paper so that the reader doesn’t get confused. 



  • The conclusion


This is the last part of the 5-paragraph paper. In this part, the writer winds up the paper and no new element is discussed. After reading this part, the reader should get a sense of accomplishment and should no have any unanswered questions in the mind. 

This might seem to be the simplest part of the paper, but you should know that it is a technical part and must be written carefully. 

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