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Different Types Of Essays In 2021


Essay writing is an important part of academic life. At nearly every stage a student gets to write essays of various types. Writing an essay is not a very difficult or complex thing to do. If a person has some writing skills and can stay focused, he/she can easily get essay writing service on any provided topic. 


There are multiple types of essays and each one is written for a different purpose. Below mentioned are important types of essays that you need to know. 


  • Narrative Essay

The narrative essay type is somehow a parent type for a few other essay types. A narrative essay is written in order to tell a story about a person, place, event, or even about oneself. 

This is the most favorite essay type for most of the students as it allows the writer to freely express the feelings towards anything. There is no certain limitation while writing this type of essay. 

By reading a narrative essay, a reader creates a scene in the mind and imagines the whole scene in the mind. To make a vivid and clear image in the reader‘s mind, make sure you use the best and most expressive words. 


  • Descriptive Essay

The best essay writing service is a type of essay that is written to describe something from different aspects. This essay can be written to describe a person, an object, a place, or a situation.

This essay aims to provide enough detail about the topic that a reader can imagine the whole thing in the mind. 

A descriptive essay is usually very detailed. This is why it is the most commonly assigned writing assignment to the high school and middle school students. Writing such essays enhances the writing abilities of students and makes them use their creative writing skills. 



  • Definition Essay

The aim of a definition essay is to define a certain object that is under discussion. It does not solely define an object but also focuses on other aspects related to the subject.

A definition essay also includes the point of view of other people regarding the topic that is being discussed.


  • Compare & Contrast Essay

A compare and contrast essay is written to discuss the differences and similarities between two or more objects. It can be written to identify the difference between the personalities of two persons or things. 

To write this type of essay the writer should use words wisely. This is necessary because you have to make the reader fully understand what you are trying to deliver. 


  • Cause & Effect Essay

The cause and effect is a typical method of essay writing in which a writer conducts an analysis. In the study, the reasons and the consequences of an action, event, or decision are researched.

Moreover, we can also describe the cause and effect essay as a rhetorical style that analyses a particular event, and the final results we might get from it.

To organize a cause and effect essay, we start by discussing a problem, it's possible outcomes, and stating the best solutions for that problem. It is not the case every time we write this type of essay or hire pay for essay experts


  • Process Essay

It is seen most of the time that students confuse a process essay with a cause and effect essay. To write this type of essay, the writer needs to understand the subject from all possible aspects.

Some people often perceive this essay as an instruction manual that guides the reader about a particular thing. 

In order to write this essay properly, it is recommended to read a few articles and books for reference as it would help you write a good process essay. 


  • Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays are very technical and yet the most important type of essay. This is a type of essay that is important for students at any level of education. 

To write an argumentative essay, an argument is put forward and the writer defends it from all possible aspects. He tries his best to convince the target audience to agree on his point of view and pursue the argument from his perspective. 

To manipulate someone for a particular thing is not an easy thing to do. One needs to provide strong evidence and examples to support a particular point of view. Thus, the language you use for an argumentative essay should be compelling enough.


  • Critical Essay

A critical essay is the type of essay that criticizes a given subject of discussion. It explains all the weak and strong points of the subject and makes the reader understand if it should be considered good or bad.
In order to provide authentic information about the subject, the writer needs to do a lot of homework and collect all the related data. For a good and strong critical essay, some examples and factual information must be added to the essay. 


  • Expository Essay

Expository essays are written for an explanation of a certain thing. Whenever a writer is willing to write my essay, make sure that you explain the subject from your point of view and make an estimation from your perspective. 

A lot of research work is needed before a person starts writing an expository essay. Moreover, in this type of easy, you can only add authentic and information that is purely based on your personal experiences. 

Writing an expository essay enhances the writing, researching, and analytical skills of the writer. And to write this type of essay, a writer must have strong organizational skills as an expository essay must be well organized.


  • Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay is the opposite of an argumentative essay. It is written in order to change the point of view of a reader for a certain thing or idea. 

It is a difficult type of essay which can only be written if the writer has very good writing and critical skills. Moreover, for a persuasive essay, it is necessary to be influential and convincing enough to persuade the reader. 


No matter what type of essay you are writing, remember it is valid according to its genre and theme. Convincing someone with words is a tough job to do as you are not interacting with the person physically and your personal traits are not influencing the intended audience. 

The reader will definitely get convinced if you will use the right strategy and powerful words. 


Nevertheless, the above mentioned were the common type of essay that a student comes across in their entire academic life. Moreover, all these types of essays cover different aspects and require a specific skill set for the composition. 

Writing an essay is never a talent we are born with. It needs practice and lots of practice. In case you think that you can never be a good essay writer then it's just an illusion you are living in. You just have to muster up a little courage and take a start from a point. 


Still, if you think you can not write a reliable essay yourself, you can hire an essay writer for your essay online. Many online writing services are providing such services and there is seriously no harm in availing of them at the time of need. 

There are certain things that you need to be careful about while hiring a writer online. Just make sure that you conduct some research before making the final payment and hope you will not have to face a scam.


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