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Best Narrative Paper Topics For You In 2021


Narrative papers are one interesting and easy paper type. It is written using a common 5-paragraph paper format, and also no complex language is required for this paper.


The Narrative paper is written to analyze the provided topic and draw some kind of logical conclusion at the end. While writing this paper, an paper writer has to ensure that he has quality data in hand to support the analysis. It is a bit of a critical paper, this is why the content used in this paper must be authentic and original.

Students get to write this paper, usually in high schools and middle schools. Teachers assign this paper to the students because writing an Narrative paper helps the students in enhancing their Narrative and writing skills. 

Talking about paper writing, you should know that the topic of this paper plays a vital role in making an paper attractive and interesting. A good topic will help you attain the reader’s attention. This is why no matter if you are writing a rhetorical write my essay, critical analysis paper, or any other paper, make sure that you hunt down an interesting topic for your paper. 


The following are some catchy Narrative paper topics for you. Go through them and choose a nice topic for your paper. 

  • Analyze the reasons behind the crisis of immigration situation. 
  • Analyze the negative impact of refugees on the local residents.
  • Discuss the unexpected changes in gender roles across different countries of the world. 
  • Evaluate the impact of people who smoke and take rugs, on our society.
  • Analyze the reasons behind one of the ongoing armed conflicts in the world.
  • Why are tattoos and piercings so fascinated by teenagers these days? 
  • Analyze the difference that the shift towards online communication from face-to-face interactions has brought in our society. 
  • Review the current social tensions in the United States and its causes.
  • Analyze why people believe that gender inequality is higher in professional places. 
  • Find and analyze the reasons behind the crisis in the education system.



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  • Analyze your latest visit to a government hospital and tell us about your experience with nurses and doctors.
  • Why is there always an ongoing debate around the issue of children’s vaccination?
  • Analyze some serious consequences of home births for mother and child.
  • Why is t important for everyone to have a little bit of privacy? 
  • Discuss your expectations from college life and compare them to reality.
  • Analyze why teenagers and youth lack motivation for studying. 
  • What leads the students to quit college? And what are some serious consequences that such students have to face?
  • Evaluate why is animal testing so important and are there any possible alternatives?
  • Talk about the dangerous atmospheric discharges of local manufacturers.
  • Analyze some literary devices that are frequently used by authors.
  • Why is it important for a writer to study his target audience? 
  • Evaluate the theme of the story and its effect on the emotional state of a person.
  • How does book reading affect the personality of a person in a positive way?

After selecting the topic, the next thing is to conduct research on the topic and understand it from different aspects. This will allow you to write an paper easily. You can also visit for some more interesting ideas. No matter if you are looking for some good demonstration paper writing service, research paper topics, etc. 


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